About Us

Passionately seeking the good of society through educational technology


Educative Tech is driven by a young and capable team and specialises in the provision of a next generation learning management system called Canvas LMS. We also develop expanded functionality for this system; functionality which our LMS clients benefit from at no extra cost. Thanks to a commitment to innovation, the affordability of our offering is unprecedented without compromising on the world leading technology we use to serve our client’s needs.

The Background

Canvas is not only the market leading LMS but it is also open source. Therefore, theoretically, anyone can host an instance of Canvas themselves. In fact, you’d expect everyone who needs it to grab on to it with delight. Especially in our home country of South Africa and throughout the developing world where teaching institutions’ budgets are often under pressure.

However, in the developing world comparatively very few institutions use it and, unfortunately, they cannot due to the cost and complexity to impliment and host it oneself.

Most institutions who want to implement Canvas (and most of the best ones do) find that it is still more cost effective to just find a company which specialises in hosting Canvas to do for them and support it too.

However, until now that has also been an expensive option. Companies normally charge thousands of dollars to set up an institutions system for them and then require institutions to pay a subscription fee for a minimum of a couple of hundred users to justify keeping a large dedicated server running.

But with the South African Rand and most other developing nations’ currencies quite weak compared to the US Dollar, it used to take a very considerable amount of money for an institution to get access and it was simply out of the reach of smaller institutions, even though the system is well geared to serve their needs.

Our Story

Kommetjie lighthouse, Cape Town South Africa
The Kommetjie lighthouse not far from where most of us live.
As a team of educational technology, IT, and educational professionals we experienced this pressing need first hand in the organisations we were serving in and studying through. Therefore, in 2019 we established Educative Tech (Pty) Ltd in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, to fill this gap. Since then we have been gathering strength by the day.

Through innovation and modern cloud computing technology we are thankful that we have been enabled to develop a way for even small institutions to use Canvas at a fraction of the cost. We’ve been able to completely cut out the burdensome setup fee and give access for as few as 10 users per account.

And, if that is not enough, we have also been hard at work developing never before seen, plug in tools for Canvas to alleviate our clients’ pain points, like busy work. Our first tool, the rapid module builder, is already available to our clients and being beta tested at this moment to hone it to perfection.

Educative Tech is also thankful to have a newly established internship program with our first intern, Tatenda Muvhu, an electrical and computer engineering graduate of the University of Cape Town. Tatenda is already contributing and benefitting much.

The main data-centre we utilise has just been newly built in Cape Town South Africa, but we are able to offer the same level of service for clients who need their instances hosted abroad, with a selection of data-centres available worldwide.

Due to recent global events our company, like many, has been propelled towards embracing a fully remote workforce. But we are not complaining, it proves to be good for our productivity, our families and the environment.

Leadership Team

Alex Steinberg

Alex Steinberg

Technical Director

Alex is a veteran software developer and experienced leader of development teams. He has an exceptional grasp of the world of online technologies. He is also well known in software development circles in Cape Town as the organiser of popular software developers’ meetup called Deep South Devs. His integrity and courage is not only seen in the workplace but also in his family.

Joshua Stubbs

Joshua Stubbs

Chief Engineer

Joshua, or “Stubbs” as he is affectionately known to the team, is a systems engineer whose first language seems to be code and his God given talent is to be a solver of impossible software engineering problems. As an accomplished self teacher and a man of character he is the beating heart of Educative Tech’s technical operations.

Louis Barry

Louis Barry

Managing director

Louis is the driving force behind the business side of Educative Tech. A typical week for him is so full of new ideas for growth and development that only a small subset of them would probably end up seeing the light of day. But unlike many innovators, Louis is also able to persevere and drive a project to its fruitful end. Louis has a passion for education, cloud technology and innovation and pours this passion, and much hard work, full strength into Educative Tech.